New Teaching Year – Doctrine of Vocation

So with this new year we are beginning a new teaching series in the adult Sunday school class I co-teach at my church. We just finished working through the book of Ephesians five verses at a time, so we are starting a new bunch of stuff. Beautifully, the class is overwhelmingly in favor of studying part of Scripture in that manner again, so we decided upon 1 Peter for the rest of the year. The first thing, however, we will cover is three weeks on Luther’s doctrine of vocation since this is a class full of 20/30-ish single career adults. While this doctrine spiders out into all sorts of areas of theology (justification, anthropology, creation, eschatology, ecclesiology, and on and on), these folks’ background is diverse enough (unchurched, American evangelicalism, dispensationalism, presbyterian, life-long BBC attenders, etc.) that we thought it would be very important to understand how Christians are to live in this world in this age in this trajectory of history. As resources, I’m using:

Can you guys think of anything I could be helped by that I haven’t found? What should I make sure to cover over that three week period? I think it’s going to be less about ‘your job’ explicitly and more about the relation between Christ and culture, and I’ll be taking the Reformers’ (broad) position on the issues. I’d love to hear what you think of the topic in general.


4 responses to “New Teaching Year – Doctrine of Vocation

  1. Os Guiness’ “The Call” has some good stuff on vocation as it relates to calling, etc. Might be worth checking out…

  2. I taught at The Well on this in Nov. I also used Leland Ryken’s Work and Leisure book, it was really good too along with Veith’s!

  3. I think Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey is great and I think it will give a little bit different spin on things then the Lutheran two kingdom theology.

  4. I would highly recommend Total Truth by Nancy Pearcy – she had some good thoughts and insights. If you are a fan of Francis Schaeffer at all, she seems to pick up a lot of what he wrote and spoke about. Definitely a must-read.

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