E.P. Sanders on Salvation

Here is a chart I got from E.P. Sanders’ book Paul and the Law. I think it is very helpful in understanding the new Pauline perspective. It is important to note that both James Dunn and N.T. Wright vary from this but this was the original model they started from. Also available for download are the scripture references that Sanders uses to support this view. I think it would be interesting to see how your views of salvation line up with this one.
Sanders’s Salvation Chart
His Terminology and Scripture references Pt. 1
His Terminology and Scripture references Pt. 2


One response to “E.P. Sanders on Salvation

  1. Isn’t the issue the significance attached to the terms used, not the order of terms? It seems like it could be misleading if, for instance, one person meant something different by “justification” than another person intended.

    So, if I compare my interpretation with this Sander’s chart and come up with no differences, that does not mean that I would agree with him.

    Its interesting that the list of terms does not give definitions, only scripture references. Also, where is justification on that list of terms? Isn’t that the focus of the whole discussion?

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