How Would You Respond?

How would you respond to this non-answer if you asked the same question as the girl?

Richard Dawkins:

(HT:  The Trousered Ape)


4 responses to “How Would You Respond?

  1. Thanks for linking back to my blog.

    Interesting side-note – I grew up in Albuquerque for a good part of my life. Graduated from Menaul School and now live in Peoria, AZ.

    Small world I suppose. 🙂

  2. It was all rhetoric. So he is saying everything is by pure chance. Is he an atheist by pure chance because he was raised in an atheist country? Oh wait he wasn’t. He is elegantly foolish.

  3. and, unfortunately, elegantly dangerous…

  4. What would I do, probably nothing but pray for him and all those that applauded. I think there are times when someone’s arrogance and hatred of the gospel means not answering back. Simply put continue to love those that hate us, cause they do not hate us, they hate our master.

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