Rob Bell On His Critics

“…There are around a billion people in the world who don’t have clean drinking water, and 46 million Americans don’t have health care. That means if they get sick, they don’t have anywhere to go. Half of the world, 3 billion people, live on less than two American dollars a day, so the world is an emergency. It’s on fire. It’s drowning. It’s an absolute crisis, and when followers of Jesus can think of nothing better to do with their time than to pick apart and shred to pieces the work of other followers of Jesus who are trying to do something about the world, that’s tragic, and I don’t owe these people anything. The would is desperately in need of people who will break themselves open and pour themselves out for the reconciliation of all things. When a Christian can find nothing better to do with their time in the face of this much pain and heartbreak, you start realizing that some Christians need to be saved. How a person would have energy to take shots at other Christians is just mind-boggling. You have to be totally disconnected from the pain of the world to think that blogging is somehow redemptive use of your time. I guess I have some strong thoughts on that.” Rob Bell

This quote was taken from the most recent edition of Relevant Magazine. I realize that Bell has some things that we have to say are not great theology, but I do think he makes a good point. It often seems that Christians and particularly Reformed Christians, not all but some, get caught up in books and are not aware of the pain in this world. We sometimes get so busy arguing about whether Mark Driscoll is a reverent man cause he wears a South Park T-Shirt that we miss the fact that billions tonight will not eat as they have not for the past week and we are more concerned about what a pastor wears. I do think there are things we have to keep in our closed hand and not waver on, but sometimes we throw in things that we must have charity on and then burn people at the blog stake for not agreeing. What a witness to the world that is sick of bipartisan politics to show that the Church is no different and all those wacky Christians do is debate on whether we baptize babies or not.



6 responses to “Rob Bell On His Critics

  1. Thanks for posting this article. Very interesting read. Especially when Rob Bell was the first to take shots at open-air preachers on his nooma video “Bullhorn Guy”.

    The scriptures exhorts us to point out false doctrines and false prophets, and surely Rob Bell has proven himself to be heretical in his teachings.

    Instead of considering what his “critics” have written and take a closer look at his theology, he wants Christians to stop being big meanies.

    It seems like the same works out in the world… it is always easier to close your ears to the truth, than to get on your knees and repent.

    Thanks again for posting the article.

  2. Thanks for the input. I do agree that Rob Bell is not someone I would recommend to a guy I am discipling to read for sure! Do not mistake me, I am in no way endorsing Bell’s theology, but more make the point that we sometimes are quick to take each other out, and I am meaning those in Reformed circles, than we are to be close to the poor and oppressed.

    We should be ashamed that we who claim to understand grace and a God that first loves wretched enemies, are sometimes the last to go out into the world and love and clothe and feed the poor!

    Thanks again for the input!


  3. Good post Los. I think he presents a false dichotomy (if you like to blog then you must be a dork that doesn’t care about the kingdom come). But I hear his point and it should be well taken.

  4. There has always been suffering in the world, and there has always been those who put others on a guilt trip if there remain any suffering in the world. The answer to the problem isn’t to become a liberal, the answer is to believe the Bible, that God has the answer. Suffering is the result of sin, so the sin problem has to be addressed, not skirted. There will always be “rice Christians” just like there were those who followed Jesus for the fish and the loaves, but they weren’t saved. Frankly, most of the do gooders of the world only compound the problem with their deceitful message, and at best they are “hirelings” accomplishing the work of God, with no interest in Heaven. As far as blogging goes, it is a tool, to help wage the war against deceit, and to deliver “living Bread” to those whom God has called.

  5. That last post is the reason I am ashamed to be a Christian in America. That is the most ignorant thing I read today. God bless you Indywatchman.

  6. First of all, there is no debate: baptize your children. 🙂

    Seriously though, I think Rob makes a good point that Christians should have a heart for those who are hurting in the world and should respond as Christ would, with a love that seeks the betterment of the world around them.

    But I think that Rob, again, is presenting a false dichotomy (although a slightly different false dichotomy than znielsen presented). The false dichotomy is that you can either care about theological issues or care about the hurting people in the world. Why cannot you not care about both? I think that Jesus, Paul, Peter, etc. set up a model for us; that one can care deeply about theology and also care deeply about the lost and hurting in the world.

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