PBS is talking on Emergent.

Here is a lengthy 10 minute clip on a documentary that PBS is doing on the emerging church. Several statements in this video concerned me:

“Where that (the Emergent movement) is going to go, we don’t know. We are figuring this out together. We do not have an agenda of what it is going to look like at the end of the road. We just want to gather up people on this road that want to go together on it.” – Tony Jones

The issue I find here is this; God has given us all the revelation we need, the bible, and the “conversation” is one that has no structure and seems to think that what revelation has been given to us does not suffice. It’s a troubling thought to think that most would categorize this “conversation” into standard Christianity when they will not hold fast to sound doctrine or any foundational baseline of truth. In fact they don’t hold fast to anything… other than not being too “stiff” in belief and methodology. It bothers me that they take the appearance of the Christian church and distinctives that would lead one to believe that this is of the same faith; and yet have a completely different mindset when it comes to the fundamental truths of the Gospel. But in any case it is worth the view.


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