Politics… Blah, Blah, Blah

I watched the Democratic debate last night and I was reminded of why I hate politics.

Perhaps one of the downsides of living in the information age (though much better than being spoon fed propaganda from a communist government) is that there are so many different voices of opinion that we have to attempt to sort through in the attempt to make an informed judgment about how we think things should really be.

Recently in a conversation with my sister I asked her to consider something I passed along dealing with Obama’s view on abortion. She said she would not accept it since it was from a “extremely conservative” publication with a clear agenda. I then asked her what her criteria was for discerning what really is the case when it comes to anything you read from any source having to do with Obama. In essence, how does she go about discerning objectivity? She didn’t offer a response.

I really don’t think there is one unless as a Christian we appeal to what God’s view is through revealed scripture. The problem with this is that neither political party is Christian nor are they seeking to see the kingdom of God manifest itself through politics. Nor should they! As a result, politics is low on the totem poll for me.

Take all the talk about the war in Iraq that I heard the three democrats throw around last night. I was sitting there thinking, “I don’t have the slightest clue as to what is really going on in Iraq right now. How in the world could I make a responsible judgment about what I think we should do and then align myself to that candidate?” Bush could be the biggest idiot in the world in terms of what we are doing in Iraq right now, but how could I ever know? How could I ever attain the appropriate information to make a responsible judgment? I can’t…

In the end I would much rather have democracy than dictatorship (or any other form of gov) because the likelihood of living in a totally screwed up country by giving the “power” to a country full of voting idiots is less likely than when you give the power to one guy who might be a total idiot. I’m thankful for democracy in that sense.

So I guess I’ll just keep voting pro-life and from there grab the guy (or gal) I would like to invite to go on vacation with my family.

To all you political scientists out there: Feel free to adjust and attack my ignorance with polemics in the comment section.

Anyone for the church rising up in our culture as a more ubiquitous presence than our politicians? May his kingdom come…


One response to “Politics… Blah, Blah, Blah

  1. I agree bro! I have watched a few debates, and what frustrates me is often they turn into a cat fight. I am not very political, although I have probably more than ever taken an interest in this campaign. Maybe it is because I am getting older, or cause I have a family, or I have way too much time on my hands, but I do still feel some apathy towards it all.

    I love your last line, what if the church became the place people looked to for peace, not an abstract mystic peace, but for peace between brothers and nations. What if the church became known for its care for the orphaned and widowed in America and for its’ efforts in the global poverty crisis. What if all this happened by a church founded on the gospel, that their motivation is not that they love people first, but because a gracious, holy, glorious God loved us first we cannot help but overflow that!!

    what if…

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