Hills to die on…


In light of Zach’s provocative question concerning Kingdom and Church, I thought I’d add some fuel to the roast by posing another: what hills, theologically speaking, are we absolutely willing to die on? I feel the weight of this question with increasing urgency as our own church, Desert Springs, seeks to establish a biblical ecclesiology from shallow roots. We hold to the orthodox historic confessions, have our own statement of faith, and agree largly on soteriology, but beyond that we’re really in the infant stages of consensus. So what about you guys…where are you willing to draw lines, forsake dinner tables, and be buried? Why?


One response to “Hills to die on…

  1. Uh…. big question.

    Like we have been talking about I have way less willing to die on some eschatological hill these days in the ways we have seen in the past.

    Here is the hill I will die on for that one:

    1. Jesus is come back
    2. There will be a judgment where all thing will be brought to account
    3. Believers get eternal life, unbelievers get eternal death.
    4. Creation will be renewed

    Deny those and I’m out. But I am not going to get all up in a bunch about who meets who in the air and when and if Jews are going to be nationally restored and build a big fat new temple, etc. Not really as concerned about these ones…

    This is just one example, but I am finding that I am feeling similar on issues of baptism and communion. Catholics generally speaking with standing and some Lutherans who hold to baptismal regeneration, I can see how different people hold their different positions (like presbos who baptize their kids) and even though I’m not down, it’s not going to keep me up at night, like say if we were talking about soteriology and even gender roles.

    Gender roles in the family. I think I’ll die on that complimentarian hill. In the church? This one is harder when it comes to specifics, but I am not down with women elders to say the least.

    Uh… Much more to say, but enough for now.

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