the sweet sounds of humility…biblical dissonence

Well, Z is finally allowing me to try my hand, once more, at leading some worship through song this weekend in Chruch. Thanks Z; thanks for the blind trust and for throwing me into something I’m quite properly unprepared for.

To start with, my fingers are bleeding from lack of guitar-type practice, for two, my voice sounds like a mocking bird coming off heroin, and lastly, I can keep beat with the other guys like stop and go of a 15 year old student driver (girl). Wow, I’m humbled. Seriously, this isn’t just a pity excuse to blog…The old skills I imagined I had have gone the way of the piano key neck tie and the original he-man.

In the midst of suffering ears, however, I’m realizing in yet another way that we are so dependent on God. From a philosophical standpoint, I’d love to contend that we can’t really reason, justify, or breathe with out God, but who would have thought his grace equally as necessary on the neck of a guitar. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of people who deny his existence who are amazing musicians, but simply a reminder of the BRUTE FACT that even the most amazing musicians are one moment away from the end  of finite existence.

May God remind us all of how great he is. May that reminder well up within us a real sense of our real responsibility to live obediently before him. And whatever we do, whether it be to use 7 syllable words, stay at home with kids, or waste time on blogs, may our great God keep us humble.


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