The picture is of a family burned to death in Kenya over the recent political unrest, do we get this reality in our suburban 4 bedroom houses?? Here is a great quote from Jenni’s blog “So…”:

“i know we have a slew of problems in our country. and honestly, i wonder if some day we will end up with rebellions and overthrow of the government based on political and social prejudice – if our constitution will no longer be a set-in-stone law of the land. i actually think the problems that face the u.s. and europe are possibly as severe as third-world countries; but, they are the opposite problems. instead of too little, we have too much. instead of diseases without vaccines and medical care, we have too much ethically-compromised options (cloning, micro-chips, un-ending life support). instead of obvious safety concerns that bring noticed chaos and violence, we have an delusioned hope of creating a safe-zone utopia which breeds judgment and blame for all kinds of things that are just natural parts of life. instead of obvious prejudices, we live in the cover of judgment and condemnation of people that we wouldn’t ever admit exists (toward different races, people with sexual struggles, immigrants, etc) – under an illusion of love and grace. instead of abject poverty and starvation, we exist in a world of encouraged gluttony and materialism. and on and on.

it’s just that….we have more ability to change this, i think. in some ways maybe we know better. we have so much stuff and money. but, we could be more giving. we could change that. we could stop our gluttony. whereas, over there, there just isn’t food – they can’t really stop their hunger. here, we have experience freedom and a democratic process; we have grown in our understanding of people’s racial and ethnic difference. but there, an attempt at a democratic process has been forced onto tribal people groups who are yet to grasp western living and politics. (the similarities between the rez here and stuff there is stunning!!! i could go on and on about it!)

and mostly, we can fellowship with people who follow christ. we can walk into a building and connect with a church family. we can get a bible. we have the answers to the problems. only, we don’t access it. we don’t let it change us often times. granted, ppl in africa very well might not access it either, if they had it more. they might not change either. but, at least we have the chance. “

I really encourage to read this whole blog very good, very convicting, very encouraging. With all this going on in Africa and even here in the USA what does it mean to be a Christ follower, to be a doer of the Word not just a hearer of the Word?

Zach also posted a link to the Yahoo News Story about the horror going on in Africa.
Props: So…


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