Harry Potter is Cool

Here is a great article from Jerram Barrs from Covenant Seminary dealing with Harry Potter and why we SHOULD let our kids read it.  Old issue, but great issue for the future of our kids, etc.



3 responses to “Harry Potter is Cool

  1. I don’t have any issue with letting our kids read some Potter action. But that would fall under the presupposition that I as a parent am teaching my child think critically and biblically about what they see and read in secular culture.

    Withdrawing our children from all culture is not biblical. We, and our kids (trusting God’s covenant word), are called to be salt and light, as stated in the article, but once again it is the parents responsibility to pastorally lead their children into a culture where darkness and non-saltiness (like that made up word) prevails.

  2. Nice post Bryan! I agree wholeheartedly! I know our son has listened to all of the Harry Potter novels. It’s been a competition. Jed listens to them on cd, while Danette reads the book to see who finishes first. Jed loves it. It has provided us some examples and direction as we teach him about evil and righteousness and even the kingdom of God.

  3. Let me get this straight we can read the book, just do not buy into wizardry? So does this mean that I should put away my magic spell book and wand that we use to try to do Potter spells?? Dang it!!! I just bought a new wizard’s robe too!!

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