dysFUNtional B-Ride

Oh how i love the church…no, seriously, what a beautiful thing to see people from all walks of life, all races, those with and without i-phones, gathered together for the suffering-joy of the same crushing gospel and the exaltation of the same gospel-kingdom. I am so glad to be a part of this dys (as in different) functional (by God’s grace) family. May we continue to encourage each other to grow.

This sounds passe to the ears of most evangelical (whatever the boot-strap that means) Christians. Of couse we need to grow, to do our ‘quite times,’ to go to that accountablity group. But have we forgotten that our identity, in scripture, is far more often corporate than individual. God isn’t just growing single persons through spiritual alone time (not bad of course) but is sanctifying his bride as a whole. We are, the church of Christ, a corporate identity constantly changing and being reformed by the word. Cool. Hard. Glorious.

The weight of both God’s work and our responsibility in this pre-wedding-feast kingdom is incredible. This present evil age is simultaneously the kingdom come, FTW!!! I am glad that our Lord has not left us alone to flounder in the dialectic of historical philosophy; the rational an irrataional. We have a purpose, a telos, and  a secure foundation that can actually account for preconditions of Christ-exalting end. I feel like more of a child, more of a man, and more bride in this reality every day.

PS, thanks to all the guys who are posting/commenting. I love it that we have peeps from a grip of different schools/places sharing thier hearts and thoughts. Long live Frame/Horton/Piper.


One response to “dysFUNtional B-Ride

  1. You are so hot to me right now.

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