Sanctification On Screen

I know I am way behind on this one, but with three kids and a limited date night budget, we usually wait to get movies when they come out on Netflix. Here is my take on this amazing film:

Want to see a great analogy of the Christian doctrine of sanctification, that my power to change is through the death of Christ and being united to him? Watch this movie.

All analogies breakdown so don’t press it too far. I have no idea what the intentions of this director are, but this movie, to me, was one of the most powerful representations of the gospel that I have ever seen come out of Hollywood.

The other thing I loved about this movie was that it was not your typical shoot em’ up action/Western flick. It told a compelling story and these main characters had some serious depth to their roles. Not your typical mindless Hollywood stuff. Russell Crowe’s character (the bad guy) was winsome and likeable, even though you knew he was mean as a snake. Christian Bale’s character was not your typical Hollywood hero. He was kind of a loser of sorts and so most people can relate to his lack of being the “Knight in Shining Armor”. He seemed more like a real guy. In this film we don’t have your typical stark contrasts of good vs. evil that we are used to seeing in film.

This film is probably one of the few films that I would actually buy and watch once a year or so. I think after you see it (if you have not already) you’ll feel the same.



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