Be cool my babies!!!

Man, I am finally on board with this far country thing. Much love to all ya’ll out there in the 505, I miss ya. Not very theological/philosophical on my first post, but more to come, I promise. Hugs!

-The brother formerly known as “Big Nate”


3 responses to “Be cool my babies!!!

  1. I am excited for the blogging of the Athlete formerly known as Big Nate.

  2. BIG N8…stoked to see you bud. One quick thing, make sure to add yourself, or your name, to the the category list, that we we always know a post is from you. Second, so so so stoked to see you up here my man…the name of the game is no pressure, be real, and post whatever you’re working on at the time…I’d love to see some stuff from your post-mod seminar dealy-o

  3. Hot Nate!!! I mean Big Nate, welcome aboard!!!!

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