Horton and Frame….


In light of all this talk, also see below, about whether or not Christians should be working to influence society or be members of another Kingdom in a foreign land, here are 2 dudes that are combine IQ 1 million taking different views, read and discuss among you Theological Types….

In this corner: John Frame

In this corner: Micheal Horton

Now let’s have a clean discussion, and keep the blows above the presuppositional belt. Honestly both are great men, and this is an important issue, one that I believe is not foundational though….



2 responses to “Horton and Frame….

  1. Just a thought here…and I may be wrong. But I wanted to say that Horton/Frame are 99.9999999999999 % on the same page: with the historic creeds, with the gospel, with thier respective confessions (URC three forms of Unity and PCA Westmin Standards), and their desire to see culture transformed by the Kingdom of God through the corporate (Church) and individual (People) identity of those he’s purchased. Now this is not a vain attempt at eccumenism, nor is it one that would flatten a very important issue, just a reminder to myself that these two men both love Christ and desire to see his kingdom spread. On the issue of Kline vs. Kuyper, or 2 Kingdoms vs. Transformationalism, I would say that both Frame and Horton agree up to the highly nuanced level. Horton leans more to Kline, Frame to Kuyper, but neither is ‘sectarian’ in their position.

  2. Good thoughts Greg. Needed clarification. Forest from the trees baby.


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