Speaking of Heaven


Here is a great interview of N.T Wright by Time magazine. The interview centers around the biblical view of heaven vs. the contemporary Christian culture. I tend to agree with almost everything he says here.

Tom Wright interview

One thing to note, I think that N.T. Wright has the opposite problem of the track that Los posted below. He focuses on a gospel that is a salvation to the Kingdom of God but does not highlight the salvation from our sins and judgment. Not that he doesn’t believe that kind of salvation is essential, but it seems to be glossed over. Both need to be held on to.



One response to “Speaking of Heaven

  1. Great read J. NTeez My Steez is quite the vested bishop-esk genius. But this is a message we NEED to hear. I don’t know about you, but honestly, the first time i reflected on the fact that heaven wasn’t ‘just’ a celestial worship service for eternity, i was stunned. I think my first encounter with this view, the NT RIGHT view, was through John Eldridge…believe it or not, but all the madness was sorted out through Horton’s ‘Christian Mind’ class where I learned that the platonic ideal of mind-body dualism was thoroughly un-pauline. How much more glorious, exciting, and kingdom-fulfilling is a heaven where we actually have the work of God to do in sinless resurrection bodies. I’m stoked.

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