Two Updates

1.  We have here noted the controversy surrounding the Christian response to “A Common Word Between Us and You” document.  Today, the president, provost and chaplain of Wheaton College officially removed their signatures from that response.

2. I think we’ve touched on natural revelation/two kingdoms a bit, plus John Frame has been here spewing Triforce out of his eyes, so here is a summary on Frame on the insufficiency of natural revelation to “govern culture.”




2 responses to “Two Updates

  1. Ha, JT posted this cause he and Zach and I were battling over it this morning…yes, our worship pastor Zach N was his roommate in college…crazy stories…you didn’t even know crutch, but we’ve been battling this all day in the office…classic providence. Great read though…

  2. Nice. I get the sense that Frame *really* doesn’t like Horton or West-West. I’m sure he had some bad experiences at WTS, so that’s OK. I just don’t think his reasoning follows here. Maybe I’m just a Lutheran in disguise (que horriblé!).

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