Scripture in Balance

Here is a nifty paradigm for understanding scripture that I picked up from Pratt. I go to RTS-O so obviously it is going to be Triperspectival.

Scripture = Painting- Window- Mirror

(I wanted these to form a triangle but WordPress hates me)

Normative: Scripture is a painting because it is a literary object of art that the Biblical authors/ Holy Spirit shaped and molded to present a message to their people. A.K.A. Literary Analysis

Situational: Scripture is a window in which we see God’s work and word in which he redeems the cosmos. A.K.A. Biblical Theology

Existential: It is a mirror because we subjectively see things in scripture that will uniquely stand out to us as individuals or communities. A.K.A. Systematic/Thematic Theology

All three of these perspectives on scripture are in a constant relationship with each other as we forge our theologies. In wisdom its best not emphasize one over the others but to understand how they work together.  In fact it is impossible to do one theology without the other.


2 responses to “Scripture in Balance

  1. In our last class at Covenant, Dr. Greg Perry used the same categories. He is a total Pratt head. Pratt married him and his wife, etc. They are close.

  2. Love it J, thanks for throwing this in. I know that J-Frame has already put this in print about a hundred times, but I love the Tri-Spec approach because it uses well the categories of trinitarian one and many, that is, 1 and 3. This approach fits very well with the Christian conception of God, he is one, but three, and his both in an ultimate way (see VT or James Anderson on VT for more of this).

    Thanks for the post doode.

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