An overview of philosophy might be your next gun purchase?!?!


To piggy back on Crutchmer’s thoughts (by the way doode, you need to get a little pic or something, i want to see that beautiful face) one of the most helpful ‘apologetic tools’ i’ve encountered is a good ‘History of Philosohpy.’ Again, this may sound a bit odd, as its not necessarily a method or prescription for defense, but it gives a beautiful birds eye view that allows one to see that perhaps the whole History of Philosophy is an apologetic for the existence of God. There is constant oscillation between Paul and Socrates (to steal from Bahnsen), between the rational and irrational (to steal from Frame), and between the first principal of man’s autonomy or God’s self-sufficient revelation (to rob from Clark).

I would highly recommend Palmer’s “Looking at Philosophy” as a great first overview. He’s not writing from a Christian perspective, but he really puts you in context. ALSO, John Frame’s lectures, the history of Phil and CH thought are on itunes U for FREE…FREE…are you kidding…I’ll bet if you would listen to Calvin on line if you could, and as we all know, Van Til did for Apologetics what Calvin did for Systematics (do I need to site a source here…fine, Bahnsen again, in Foundations of Christian Scholarship). So go, take up and read, eat the scroll of philosophical history only to find out that no one has found coherence apart from the presupposed supremacy of the Christian God. blaaaaow!!! Gloc 9  JFRAME special w/ dutch bullets and non-theonomic targets.


One response to “An overview of philosophy might be your next gun purchase?!?!

  1. just in case any of you contributors read this comment: let me thank all of you for your hard work, great thoughts, and brotherly love in this ministry…so far this blog has been a huge blessing to me. I can say the same for a few others of you. I love the group idea and I love that we can interact with humility and God’s glory in mind…this is the whole point my friends, to see God’s kingdom expand through love, service, and joy. blessings guys…keep it coming

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