Introduce yourself…SUCKA!!!


As we all know quite well…we’re about the only people who read this here blog. Which is great! In fact, I’ve told my wife on several occasions that this may have saved a few of our friendships…I am honored to know all of you and share life with you a bit in cyber-space.

Here’s what I’d like to do now: Give each of us a chance to formally introduce ourselves. We do this with students all the time and its actually quite helpful, even for theology nerds like us:

1, You full and unabridged name.

2, Where you go to school/work? How did you end up here and why?

3, Family? Kids? Ages?

4, Where do you go to church and/or serve in ministry?

5, Lastly, how can we pray for you?

This may seem overwhelming since we’re busy, but I’m looking for 1 sentence answers here. So go ahead and intro yourself and lets all get to know eachother a bit more (which we’ll need if we’re going to talk about hard issues…relationship is the context for reproof…so step up my friends)


11 responses to “Introduce yourself…SUCKA!!!

  1. 1, Gregory Clifford Schneeberger
    2, Work at Desert Springs Church, finished my MA from RTS (…I like to say Theology and Philosophy since it was a Horton/Frame combo) in September and currently applying to doctoral programs.
    3, Married to Caitelen, who is amazing and loves music, poetry, and pilates.
    4, Go to DSC, serve there with our Parent-Student ministry, The Missions council, and various other areas.
    5, Please pray for contentment and humility. Also, as Z has pointed out, that I would not fear man but God.

  2. 1) Benjamin Ross DeSpain
    2) Erskine Theological Seminary where I am working on my M.A. with a concentration in Historical Theology. I ended up here because of my good buddy Tim Skaar, who grew up near the school.
    3) Married to Jonna, who keeps us afloat while I am in school. She is a neuromuscular therapist and a pilates instructor. I have a son and a kid on the way.
    4) I now attend The Bridge ARP. I don’t do much right now, but it seems like I may get roped into teaching the Young Adults and helping with some tech stuff.
    5) I like Greg’s prayer, keep that in mind for me as well, especially the humility thing.

  3. 1. Carlos Gabriel Griego

    2. Work at Desert Springs Church in the Young Adult ministry, local outreach commitee, also am attending Covenant Seminary for the next 5-9 years on a MATS

    3. Married to Lauren, she is awesome, we have a
    2 year old girl named Jordyn, and have a boy on the way very very soon named Brayden.

    4. See #2

    5. Humility, Contentment, and Patience is a big one

  4. 1. Bryan Christopher Lopez

    2. Work at Sandia National Labs and Desert Springs Church. I play with computers and work under Greg. I go to Dallas Baptist and learn about computers.

    3. I am married to Sherry, she is hot and owns a store called Your Wedding Planner (.com, if you want to see the site I threw together). We have 2 kids; Selah who is two and Matthew who turns 1 in two weeks. We will have some more sometime soon.

    4. I go to Desert Springs Church in Abq. Turns out there is a Desert Springs Church 5 minutes from my in-laws house in AZ.

    5. I would be a God fearing and honoring husband and father. And for DSC to systematically embrace holistic ministry. And the kingdom.

  5. amen B…bring on the ref bro (b-lo, memo, and los style with pinatas and guns firing in the air ;))

  6. 1. Zachary Taylor Nielsen

    2. Never thought I would land in ABQ. I didn’t think they had indoor plumbing in New Mexico. Good news – they do. Ryan Kelly was reading my blog, asked me to consider his church cause they needed a worship pastor. Almost finished with MATS from Covenant seminary – ACCESS program – distance ed.

    3. HOT wife – Kim. Married 10 years in June. Three kids – Taylor (spaz and sensitive) 5 – Autumn (cute and tough) 3 – Emery (brings the thunder in his diapers) 9months

    4. DSC – Worship pastor (oh sorry, music minister) and entrusted by the elders with the “Greg leash” – I can reel him in or give him slack as I deem necessary – usually it’s short leash.

    5. Pray for humility and patience please.

  7. z-donkey…and, yet, i have no logically cohesive rebuttal.

  8. 1. Matthew Braden Crutchmer
    2. I have until June (JUNE!) here at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN. I’ll graduate with an MA in Global & Contextual Studies (Is that pretentious or what—it’s missions). We moved here from ABQ in 2005 for Bethel, for the weather/culture, and training at our church here—we aim to go to Helsinki, Finland and plant churches and translate yummy English books into that grand language of Finland. I also have a chance (last interview on Tues/Wed!) to attend Bethlehem’s vocational elder training for 2 years at TBI (yay, actual Bible classes).
    3. I am married to Arianne, who works 10 times harder than I do, and we have two kids, Elijah and Braden (4 & 3) (Drop that “y” there, Los).
    4. We attend Bethlehem Baptist Church (but miss DSC very much), and I teach the Career (20s-30s, mostly singles) Sunday School with my buddy Jim.
    5. We have to move in June, find my son a kindergarten, and that I would get the time and energy to really hit the language studies hard.

    Thanks Greg, good idea.

  9. 1. Justin Michael Edgar

    2. I attend Westminster Theological Seminary – Dallas Campus. I moved here from Lubbock where I was the college pastor at Westminster Pres, and prior to that I was one of the first youth pastors at the Springs with our pal and yours Matthew “OOF” King. Currently, I attend an Act 29 church in Plano called Providence Community Church. I work for a vending service and a valet company and still don’t make nearly enough money.

    3. I am married to Danette. She is an incredibly loyal and beautiful woman, who is an amazing servant and mother. I have four children: Jedidiah – Jed who is 6. He loves football and is growing to love Jesus. He is very giving and tender. Blakley is 5. She loves soccer and is pretty good, and it is not just her dad saying it. Jadyn is almost 4 and she basically dresses up and dances around and dreams of being a princess. Judson is 1. He is named after one of my heros Adinirom Judson. He is a ton of fun and he makes us laugh a lot.

    5. As far as prayer, there is a ton of things. Seminary, work, family and church means me being stretched in a variety of directions. It has been very tough to study enough or work enough or serve or give. I am also trying to understand where it is that the Lord is leading us to in all this, with a couple of distinct paths where we can go.


  10. 1. Justin Richter

    2. I go to RTS Orlando and I sling egg rolls at P.F. Changs. I ended up at this Seminary because it was near my wifes family. I am currently going to the Reformed Baptist Church Orlando Grace. If you know Adam Wainio he is here with me.

    3. I am the Hot husband of one Kara Richter. She is great. God is doing some good things in her life. She work really hard as the Director of Operations for the Orlando Predators, our local Arena Football team. We have 3 children: Grizzly Bear, Mr. McDuggie, and Dr. Dangerous.

    5. Just pray that Kara and I might have direction as well and that we may use the resources God has given to most please Him.

  11. Justin, how is Adam doing? I miss that fool! Tell him to call me and you can call me too 214-218-7947

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