Like Van Til, Only Better.


That is Covenant Professor Dr. Sean Michael Lucas’s view of Tim Keller’s new book . Here is what Dr. Lucas says:

I had to smile in recognition to the apologetic methodology–moving on to the unbeliever’s turf in order to show the inconsistencies of their own worldview and then demonstrating that only a Christian worldview can make sense of any thing. It was just like Van Til.

…Only without the confusing terminology. And a whole heap more readable. And winsome. And literate. And interesting. And, well, better. I’m looking forward to finishing the book over the weekend.

Click Here for Rest of Dr. Lucas’s view



6 responses to “Like Van Til, Only Better.

  1. better than Van Til? that is bold… though I haven’t read this I would find that hard to believe. Thanks for pointing it out, now I am going to have to check it out.

  2. that’s it los, you bring Keller and I’ll bring the dutch…its on.

    Then again, Keller would bring out his whole NY army of thugs, but then again, the dutch would bring all of Michigan.

    Then again, Keller would bring Guliani…and the dutch would bring Baninck (with Ben D to help translate) and it would be a stale mate.

    Bottom line, read them both.

  3. Greg,

    that was the funniest thing I have heard in a while. So glad we are boys. You make me laugh… Hard!



  4. Greg Van Frame,

    Bring it Dutch Boy…. don’t forget Keller has Driscoll and his boys too 😉

    Honestly I want to read Van Til, I am just not down with dudes that you need a Ph.D. to read.

    Use small words or define words clearly and easily! That is what makes Keller so good to read and listen to, he does that.

    I love you and your man crush on Van Til!

  5. You’re so right los, it is a man crush, and Van Til is hard to read. I want to sound all theological and say, at this point, that its worth the slow going (like reading owen). There is truth to that, HOWEVER, there are contemporary guys saying what owen and VT did in VERY understandable language. Thank God for his powerful working, in action and writ, in every age.

  6. This looks *awesome.*

    Hey Greg, did you know you can listen to Van Til himself online for free?

    I still find it frightening that Owen wrote Mortification of Sin and On Indwelling Sin in the Believer for 17 year olds at Oxford. Geesh, American schools make us dumb.

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