Blogging for Bibles Part 1 – I Need Your Help.

Last week I received a very interesting email. At first glance I thought it was one of those emails you get…. You know the kind, someone’s great uncle died and you have inherited $5,000,000,000.00 USD because it turns out you are royalty. Well, by God’s grace I didn’t just click the “Spam” button on my Gmail I actually read the email, and here it is….

“Hellow and peace be unto you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope
this letters finds you safe in Christ and I have prayed that God will use
you as a vessel to meet the needs of His children here.

My name is Rosemary Ogbodu and I am reaching you from Africa. Yesterday after
school I sat for some minutes in our school staff office checking the
Internet for online books, there I came across your blog. I believe it is Gods order for this to happen.

I am married with five children and me and my family fellowship in Native
Way Bible Church, a small church with a great vision where Ernest Omoruyiis the pastor. I am through Gods mercies born
again and serving the Lord faithfully pressing towards the mark. I am one
of our church rural evangelists and through Gods grace I am able to go
with the team once a week (Saturdays) to reach souls in neighboring
villages. I have very great compassion for lost souls so the evangelical
team is the better place I can serve in the church. My occupation: I am a
teacher in a primary school and in my school we have a staff computer
Internet where I am now able to reach you. I grew in the village and my
parents were farmer but I had the opportunity to acquire western education
but not too many people do in my place.

The purpose for writing you is to appeal for your help for bibles. In the
past six months we have visited Iguadolor village continually and many
people have been won there for Christ particularly the old fathers and
mothers. Old persons mostly inhabit the villages here because the young
ones are drifting to the urban areas in order to enjoy amenities like
electricity and pipe-borne water that are not available in the village.
There are up to 50 persons in need of bibles but not all can read. There
are four aged couples and five individuals who can read and asking for
bibles. They have so much show concern that we are keeping them always in
our prayers for provision of bibles for them. We need 26 giant print
bibles for these loved ones who are now saved and eager to feed from Gods
word. They cannot afford bibles because they are cost much in this place.
Please help to supply bibles to these our brothers and sisters in need.
The King James Version will be preferable used or new. Please send the
bibles through my address above. If you have any Christian literature one
or two that is enriching to the spirit man please send me.
I pray for you in Jesus name that the Lord will provide for you to help
for the need and also bless you as you help.
Bye for now and write soon.

So, there it is. So, here at I am start ing the blogging for bibles campaign. My goal is to get people and families who have money or extra bibles to donate bibles. Yes, bibles not money…. I would like to accomplish a goal of 30 bibles, 1 donation a day for an entire month. I have been communicating back and forth with our sisters and brothers in Africa and God has given us an opportunity to help. So…. Help! I am going to post frequent updates on the bible status. If you would like to donate email me at bryan [@] bryanlopez [dot] com (without the spaces and brackets).


3 responses to “Blogging for Bibles Part 1 – I Need Your Help.

  1. Bryan,

    It looks like “Rosemary Ogbodu” has a whole lot in common with “Joan Omoruyi” who also has 5 kids, goes to the same church (but with a different pastor “Ernest Jimoh”), visits the same village, and, writes the same (otherwise word for word) letter of appeal back in Dec 07.

    Sorry bro, but you’re being scammed. I assure you, they are looking for people to send cash. Here’s a link to a guy who received it.

    Here’s some more info. Sorry–Your heart is in the right place. I know the prison ministry could use any Bibles you get but don’t want to send to the Nigerian black market…


  2. Thanks Tim. I feel like a schmuck. All this does is confirm the validity of scripture in relation to the depravity of man. Thanks for the heads up, and the good news is I now own a large print KJV bible.

  3. Argh…dang, why can’t this be real. Anyway, we should do our own blog for bibles then give them to ECM, Rez, Guata, and so on…we can redeem this thing. PS, Bry, enjoy the only translation know that puts ‘he that pisseth on the wall’ in stead of ‘men.’ Gotta love the literal.

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