Crazy old Horton Video…HT. Z-$


I’m sure this is already all over the web…but I needed a light-hearted pick me up after nearly exploding over the baptism discussion (I have MUCH to learn). Z sent me this great vid of O.G. horton with a dirty mustache…he’s still my boy, but this is ron burgundy gone wrong. goo.


6 responses to “Crazy old Horton Video…HT. Z-$

  1. This is Michael Horton saying, you stay covenantal San Diego!

  2. Wow

  3. he has many (i can vouch) leather bound books and his office smells like rich mahogany (or cigars and diet coke ). I am so glad this cat is coming to abq.


  4. Him reading the poster board scriptures is amazing. Christian cable access. Doesn’t get any better than that for entertainment.

  5. Do you think he and the interviewer go down after the show and throw down with Paul Crouch and Rod Parsley in a death street fight?

  6. That ‘stach’ alone is worth its weight in gold…who knows, in a few years, it may qualify as a papal relic. Until then, chuck norris, meet your worst theological nightmare 😉

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