3 essential classes…FOR FREE!!!


Thought: how in the world does one begin to wrap their mind around the foundations of theology and philosophy? Am I the only one who’s ever felt lost in a class or conversation as big words and big concepts zoom over my head?

I-TUNES U to the rescue. Now, RTS virtual (same classes as the real sem-brains), has its entire curriculum online for free. What’s better, you can even get classes from guys who aren’t teaching any more. (Pratt, Kistemaker, etc).

Let me suggest 3:

Pratt’s Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies. (hands down the best intro to the history of Theology from a Reformed perspective…plus, to quote Frame ‘Pratt is one of the greatest pedagogues to ever live.’)

Frame’s History of Philosophy and Christian Thought. (An incredible overview of the tension in history between Christian thought and Unbelieving thought. Frame demonstrates that the new arguments are the same as the old, and that the non-believer is only consistent in oscillating between rationality and irrationality.)

Frame’s Apologetics (Need I say more, he loves Van Til, is SUPER humble, and does a brilliant job of balancing the fields and explicating the utter need for God as both a first principal and guiding method. Not to mention, his head is bigger than any living man’s…DR. F will make the Guiness book of world records. I salivate for God’s glory)

This may seem like much a do about making you even busier than you are…but I assure you, these are well worth your time and, in fact, a great way to fill in the minutes on your morning commute. Do you guys have any other resources that would be considered ‘must have’ to add to this list?


3 responses to “3 essential classes…FOR FREE!!!

  1. These classes are tha bizz. I listen to them on my long commutes. I also recommend J.I. Packer’s History and Theology of the Puritans. I mean, come one- it’s Packer speaking in an area of his expertise!

  2. so true Greg…what can i say, Gregs are smart people…its science. So I see you’re an RTS guy. Shall I take it to mean you’re at Orlando? Do you know Justin Richter? Regardless, thanks for stopping by and feel free to intro yourself as well. Its always great to have some extra brothers in the circle.

  3. agreed on the Greg factor. Yeah, me and Richter are fellow Baptisterians. Although I prefer just to say Reformed Baptist (as it’s the same thing, thank you Jewett). Justin told me about the blog, and I’ve been digging it so far. I’m kind of overwhelmed time-wise (who isn’t), but I’ll try and comment up when I can.

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