Blogging for Bibles Part 2 – Revised.

So, much to my disappointment my dear friend / father figure that I look up to in Paradox (The DSC Parent Student Ministry), Tim, informed me that my initial suspicions of SPAM / SCAM were valid. My heart sank as I read the article containing the exact email I got on another site. But Greg our Parents / Student Minister whom I work with at DSC had a bright idea… Let’s still Blog for bibles, but do it for ministries we already support.
“YES” I thought as my heart once again started racing. So, here is the scoop….We are going to support 3, yes count them 3, ministries with bibles. Desert Springs Church has vested in 3 ministries that I have had personal interaction with and here is the line up.

1. ECMEast Central Ministries is a ministry dedicated to Spreading God’s Glory Broader and Deeper in Trumble La Mesa district of Albuquerque. If you are not from the 505 or you are and don’t know where that is let me explain. The Trumble La Mesa district has the highest poverty and crime rate in all of Albuquerque. The majority of residents are low income immigrants with very little English speaking abilities and or financial means. Paradox has created a partnership with ECM where we venture out from our upper to middle class homes, schools, and neighborhoods every third Friday to share the gospel through common means. We often go to a local park a few blocks away where we indulge in service type projects (cleaning… etc), soccer and basketball games, and conversations that create humility and an ever longing to cling to the cross and see the kingdom spread. Since a good percentage of people we interact with don’t speak English nor do they have enough money to purchase bibles we will be supplying SPANISH BIBLES as well as some ENGLISH BIBLES to ECM to distribute as they deem necessary.

2.GUATEMALA – This one is a bit more of a challenge, the area in which we are currently investing the language barrier has been a difficult feat. Not only do we have to deal the the English to Spanish difficulties, but we are also dealing with Spanish to Achi (a tribal language that few speak) walls. What we are going to do here is equip some ministers who can speak and read Spanish with SPANISH BIBLES. Here is some more info on our partnership from the DSC website. ” …In 2004, in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators, we began pursuing a relationship with the Rabinal Achi people, a Mayan group in Baja Verapaz , Guatemala . Since then, we have come to know and love Carol and Rodrigo Barrera, the Wycliffe translators, and many dear Achi people. We have been able to under gird the Barreras in the last stages of the New Testament translation, support God’s movement among the young people in San Miguel and surrounding towns, build a house/meeting place for a devoted Achi evangelist, and develop many, many deep relationships which have greatly enriched our lives at DSC.

In January 2006, after learning of the challenges inherent in oral cultures and seeing the success of the Achi Chronological Bible Stories (produced in Guatemala and told by Achi people), DSC felt led to raise the money to have the New Testament produced in dramatized oral form by Faith Comes by Hearing. Our vision took form while we watched so many diverse members of Desert Springs Church treasuring Christ, valuing His Word, and giving sacrificially in order to share it with the Achi people…all of the funds have been raised for the recording and production, and a significant amount toward the distribution! We hope to see that distribution take place in 2007 and the Achi church strengthened and equipped to establish other churches. “

3.THE REZ – DSC has also partnered with our dear friend and brother Joel H who works as the Minister to Youth out on a Reservation in Gallup, New Mexico. God is doing amazing things out on the REZ we are seeing students and whole families come to the saving knowledge of Christ. The poverty level and oppression is similar to that of ECM. There are a lot of families with low income and little to do about it. In a PRRAC.ORG census they found that the unemployment rating is at an all time high on this Navajo Reservation with alarming numbers exceeding 27%. Think about that for a second. 27% of the families on this small Reservation are struggling with means for food, electricity, and clothing. Not only has poverty plagued this small area, but depression, alcoholism and drug use seems to be taking a strong hold as well. What better response to the depravity of man then to have real relationships sharing the Gospel and the Word, allowing the Holy Spirit to call, elect and sanctify.

So, you asking what do I do… ??? Good question. We will be supplying two varieties of bibles.

1. The SPANISH NIV STUDY BIBLE (click to see/purchase)
2. The SPIRIT OF THE REFORMATION STUDY BIBLE (click to see/purchase)

Our goal and need has now been increased. I would like to get 25 SPANISH BIBLES and 33 ENGLISH BIBLES in two months. I know the bibles may seem a bit pricy, but 1 bible is equivalent to 1 dinner at Applebee’s so, stay home eat a home cooked meal with your fam (it’s better for you anyways) and purchase a bible. Help us Spread God’s Glory Broader and Deeper!

If you would like to donate a bible have questions about where to ship it (if you order it online) email me at bryan [@] bryanlopez [dot] com.

Also, for all you Blogheads get the word out and link back to this. Help us Blog for Bibles.



2 responses to “Blogging for Bibles Part 2 – Revised.

  1. awesome B…I love this. great job…and a great way to redeem a sick scam. ps, if you feel any better, i’ve actually responded to the $ ones before…cause I’m a greedy only child…and no, i didn’t have a rich uncle living near an off-shore bank account in cuba. sad.

  2. I love the way you turned this around.

    What the scammers meant for evil, God meant for good. Thanks for being an instrument of His work.

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