nacho dogs and infinite complexity

Yes, yes you can. You can, actually, eat a juicy nacho dog (that is, compiled pig parts wrapped in a thin veneer of intenstinal tract and covered with processed yellow liquid rich in salt and trans fat) for God’s glory.  Or can you?
My wife has recently called me to the carpet on this complex philosophical question.
How shall I respond?
Well, first, I must admit guilt. I am a glutonous sinner, and my mind is subjecte to such noetic effects.
Second, I must request revealtion. God has ‘shown’ us that all food is clean.
Third, I must submit to ethical obligation. One cheese-dog is glory, a habit is pure excess.
Thus, we see an apologetic for biblical knowledge in the consumption of a glorious cheese dog. One must, to know anything, admit guilt, rely on God’s revealed truth, both special and natural, and live accordingly.
PS (the only reason for this worthless post was to organize some basic thoughts from a lecture by Bahnsen on the History of Philosophy…if we don’t have stupid examples to memorize things (remember all those ridiculous ways you’ve tried to memorize greek) we wont)

One response to “nacho dogs and infinite complexity

  1. This is an hilarious post– but there is a serious principle here, and it’s one with which I wrestle. How does one know when enjoyment of an essentially unhealthy food becomes sin? What is the “tipping point,” so to speak? I think that my fiancee is far more sanctified in this area than I am! Anyway, enough of my musings on fat and cholesterol! 🙂

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