nascar, hospitals, and how to talk in selected syallables


Last night my beautiful wife cooked some spaghetti pie for our neighbors, Kay and Kelly. They are a crazy fun couple, she being a OBGYN and he a crazy nascar (think b-lo) belly shirt wearin’ bud drinking car-part man. We had a blast, talked long into the night, and enjoyed some quality wine.

One thing I noticed however, was the lack of 15 syllable words, footnotes, and extensive bibliographies. In fact, we didn’t even debate the issue of pre-temporal soteriology in the eschaton one time. sad.

Not really, not sad at all. In fact, praise God. Praise God that we were able to have the simplest of all conversations about the simplest of truths, God has loved us at the great expense of Christ.

So, you know I’m not hating on Jargon (nerd talk is still a personal passion), but let us remember that the call of the gospel is, in simple terms, for everyone, not just those card carrying covenantal calvinistic types like ourselves. We never have to dumb truth down, but that’s just the beauty of Christ’s truth being made alive by the spirit, even the most common expression has the power to save.

I was so convicted about how little I get out, love those who don’t know Christ, and have real conversations about aging grandparents, car parts, and hospital shoes. May those ordinary topics be used by us ordinary means as a way for God’s love and justice to be communicated clearly.

Perhaps, one of the most powerful apologetics is to presuppose God’s authority as you LISTEN.


3 responses to “nascar, hospitals, and how to talk in selected syallables

  1. AMEN!!! Bro- that is the best post on this blog so far!!!!

  2. This post touches on a subject that is close to my heart, Greg. It’s great to read widely and deeply, to strech our minds, and even to use certain terms when we are with Christians whom we know will understand what we mean. However, it’s also great to just speak with each other, in simple terms, of the Gospel which saves– even when we could use more complicated terms! Moreover, to talk in a complicated theological way too much of the time, with every Christian (or even more, non-Christian!) whom we come into contact with is just thoughtless and arrogant, and we should pray for God to guard our hearts from such carelessness.

    Also, I think it’s good for us to remember that ALL theological understanding is ultimately a gracious gift from God, not a product of our own “wisdom” or intelligence! Glory to God alone!

  3. amen Chris…I am so glad that, in an ultimate sense, we’re not saved by the work of ‘good theology.’ Of course, as sons/daughters of God, we seek to be reformed/molded according to his word, but the act of Christ which saved us in ignorance will be the same act that saves us with 29 Ph.Ds and years of experience. Thanks for your thoughts brother.

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