Psalm 139, Poetic Devices, and I Need Your Help

I just finished writing a paper on Psalm 139. The object of the paper was to not use outside resources, but to see what we can figure out on our own by analyzing the poetic structure of the Psalm. Well, the thing about poetics is that it can be very subjective at times and I want your opinion on it. My paper is due tomorrow and I was hoping some of you guys could look it over and tell me some things: Is my paper clear? Am I reading the structure into the text? Does it help your understanding of Psalm 139? Thanks guys and let me know what you think if you have the time to do so. I know how we are all pressed for it.

This is my personal outline of Psalm 139. It is color coded to show the morphological structure. Psalm 139 Structure

This is the paper itself. The Paper


One response to “Psalm 139, Poetic Devices, and I Need Your Help

  1. I can’t believe you’re giving me more reading assignments bro. Wow.

    On another note, great paper. First of all, you used the semi-word ‘leitwort.’ That in and of itself deserves an A. Second, great thoughts and amazing to see how much you pulled out of this bad boy without any ‘helps.’ This, my friend is one more reason to promote a theological foundation and a biblical worldview…you didn’t need any fancy commentary or journal article to get the gist and see the gospel, you just let the text speak from your pre-conditioned understanding of the ‘whole counsel’ of God. I love that, cause it allows you to be true to the passage, but have holistic coherence as well.

    Nice job J. Waltke will not give you and A+, cause he’s too hard and old and brilliant…but stuff like this is going to make your preaching amazing (as it already is, you crazy man).

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