politiks, pulpits, and proving your worth


Hey guys (go Ron Paul ;)),

My buddy sent me this quick (5min max) political test. You take it and it  rates you on a nice little colorful graph in one of 4 major quadrants with the two major dissections being authoritarian vs. libertarian and right vs. left.

Fun times…especially for closet commies like myself (in case any elders are reading…joke). Take it and post your results in the comment section. Some of the questions are a bit tricky, so read carefully and let the chips fall where they may.


2 responses to “politiks, pulpits, and proving your worth

  1. Whoops…I’m a far-far left libertarian. What? I want to be a right libertarian…or don’t those mix. Help us Uri…we need you.

  2. I am dead-center in the middle. Maybe that is the heart of the cross (wishful thinking).

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