If I Could Go Down the Amazon

website and pick up a few books along the way what would you suggest?

As fellas with a heart towards Ministry and maybe one day church planting what are 5 books that you think have to be on a pastor’s desk, other than The Bible, or Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible???


11 responses to “If I Could Go Down the Amazon

  1. Good question–I’ll only propose two. I’m sure I’ll click submit and kick myself for not naming some more later.

    Knowing God–J. I. Packer
    Nine Marks of a Healthy Church–Mark Dever

    –also a quality Church History volume… not sure which yet.

    [That Bible would be a “Reformation Study Bible” (ESV). However I do miss the creeds and confessions from the back that “Spirit of” has]

  2. Great questions los. Hmm.

    1, Joel Osteen’s ‘Your best life now.’
    2, Benny Hinn, ‘Good morning holy spirit.’ (where else can you find a comb-over anointed like this one)
    3, T.D. Jakes ‘Woman, thou art loosed.’
    4, Biblia Sacra (Hebrew-Greek in one binding, and praise the Lord, no dictionary in the back…but james white loves it)
    5, Jan Crouch ‘Lullabies, mascara, and all the little children.’

    Hope that helps…now here’s my real list.

    1, Frame ‘The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God’
    2, Bahnsen ‘Van Til: an Analysis of His Thought’ (yes, pastors will need this book…especially in the midst of our current post-modern muddle)
    3, Clowney ‘The Church’
    4, Kline, ‘Kingdom Prologue’ (a introduction and foundation for covenant theology)
    5, Piper ‘Let the Nations Be Glad’

    Oh, this is so hard. There are so many more. But off the top of my head, these are the top 5. Ps, I would included some confessions & catechisms, but its all already there in the Spirit of the Ref.

  3. 1. Calvin, Institutes
    2. Luther, Vol. 31 of Works (Contains Heidelberg Disputation and Freedom of a Christian Man)
    3. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings
    4. Edwards, Works (Either the one or two volume deal)
    5. Augustine, On the Trinity

    Just allowing 5 is not fair.

  4. 1. Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students
    2. Ruth Tucker, From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya
    3. Pascal, Pensees
    4. I 2nd Frame, Doctrine of the Knowledge of God
    5. Waltke, O. T. Theology

  5. 1. The Big Picture Story Bible – Seriously – get it
    2. Desiring God – Piper
    3. Knowing God – Packer
    4. How Long O Lord – D.A. Carson
    5. Humility – C.J. Mahaney

  6. wow, great question Los…i’m glad you didn’t ask for 20 books cause I would have been racking my brain all day…I’m stoked to go out and get some of these. Thankfully, I already have the Big Picture Story Bible, so I’m well on my way. Love you guys…stoked to serve alongside you and perhaps even do some church planting with you in the future.

  7. 1. Desiring God – Piper
    2. Instruments in the Redeemers Hands – Tripp
    3. Reformed Dogmatics – Bavinck
    4. Total Church – Chester and Timmis
    5. Big Picture Story Bible or The Jesus Storybook Bible – (great Biblical Theology)

  8. It’s so hard to give a top five– I’ll just list five of the books that I think would be most helpful for pastors, and that have had the strongest impact on me, personally.

    1. Knowing God, by J.I. Packer
    This has been, and still is, a foundational book for me in having a right view of God, LEADING to a changed heart and life. What could be more important for a pastor than a right view of God, leading to a changed heart and life ?

    2. The Pursuit of God, by A.W. Tozer
    If every pastor (let alone Christian layperson) had the deep communion with God that is imbued on every page of this book, I can’t imagine how church congregations would both look and act. I need to re-read this book and re-commit to living in light of it. It is breath-taking and radical, for the glory of God.

    3. Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, by Mark Dever
    This book has so much crucial material, especially for church leaders but also for church “shoppers,” that will point them in a carefully Biblical direction.

    4. War of Words: Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles, by Paul David Tripp No book has helped me more in getting to the ugly root(s) of my sins of the tongue. It is an invaluable resource to help a pastor grow deeply in love for God, hate for sin, and hope for growth in this sometimes subtle but pernicious area of sin. This book will positively affect his ministry to every person with whom he comes into contact.

    5. Above All Earthly Pow’rs: Christ in a Postmodern World, by David F. Wells
    This one is a bit more academic, but pastors who really want to understand themselves and their congregations well (especially in the West) will take the time and effort to read it. Wells gives an incredibly thoughtful, clear-eyed examination of how postmodern mindsets and culture have affected peoples’ thinking about God, both in and out of the church. It is a convicting book that will lead you to search your heart, re-evaluate at least some of your thoughts and choices, and commit more deeply to a God-centered worldview AND life, lived out not in some ideal “Christian” world, but in the actual world in which we live! At least it has done so for me, and I haven’t finished reading it yet!

  9. Uh, that would be “Postmodern World,” not “potmodern,” hehe! Sorry for the run-on sentence in the Paul David Tripp recommendation too– it came out differently in the posting from how it was when I typed it. 🙂

  10. I’ll go ahead and make the edit for you Chris…love you brother. Thanks once more for your thoughts.

  11. Thanks, Greg! Just to give you a heads-up, I sent you an e-mail, per the blog and my posting here. Love ya, brother!

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