mr. celenze spotting at flying star


just wanted you guys to know…the flying star is now serving the italian wing of the mexican mafia. on another note, since the only peeps who read this thing are bros…i was wondering if there were any ways we might pray for each other…therefore, bretheren, if you have something we can pray about, leave it in the comment section.


4 responses to “mr. celenze spotting at flying star

  1. Baby boy coming anytime now…. need some prayer for that one! 🙂

  2. Pray for Oak Grove Classical Academy that God would provide a headmaster and teachers.

    Pray that God would grant me the wisdom to be a great cross bearing husband and father to three (hopefully 4 – adoption) little ones in my house

    Pray that I would continue to love and serve well those who have been put under my charge here at DSC

    Pray for my friend Colin who plays bass in my jazz group. He just got dumped by his girlfriend of a year and I shared the gospel with him this morning, straight up Romans road style.

  3. wow, praise God Z, and praying for you on the bambino front Los.

    As for me, wow, direction, contentment, and patience. I have about 32003 good ideas per minute and thankfully my more discerning wife shuts most of it down 😉 I want to plant a church, start a reading room coffee house with Moroccan tea and public art space, go for my Ph.D…etc etc. Heck, in the last week I almost moved us to Scotland. ha. My prayer is that God would continue to guide me, mold me, and help me to die to my self. I freaking LOVE myself. Only child syndrome never felt so good. Dreams are awesome, but not if they distract from the current calling at hand.

    Pray also for my wife, her fam, and for a few of my buddies who don’t know the Lord: Jared T., Mikal H., and Rick/DeAnna.

  4. Pray that I would pray more– seriously!

    Pray that I would love God more and myself less, and that these realities would be truly lived out in my life, both when I am alone (with God) and when I am with other people (with God).

    Pray that God would provide a car for my fiancee, Angelica, and me, especially for the purpose of finding and getting to a job(s), so that we can be married! (I’m physically disabled, and transportation is a big issue in employment)

    Pray that God would lead me to a job that would enable me to provide for Angelica, including health insurance. Pray also that He would strengthen me in the midst of job-market-related fears.

    Thanks, guys, both for sharing your news and prayer needs (KUDOS to Zach and Carlos!), and for praying for mine!

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