Citation Aléatoire ala Francois

Alfred Loisy

“Jésus annonçait le Royaume et c’est l’Église qui est venue”

“Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom, but it was the Church that came.”

-Alfred Loisy 1902


3 responses to “Citation Aléatoire ala Francois

  1. O, si querremos decir lo en espanol, la lengua ‘franca’ de mi vida y de la juventud de los:

    “Jesus proclamo el reino, pero fue la Iglesia que vino.” Amen y amen, que sea glorificado nuestro senor.

    This also reminds me of this stellar quote by my boy herman ridderbos concerning the church, the kingdom, and dutchness,

    “It can be rightly said that Paul does nothing but explain the eschatological reality which in Christ’s teachings is called the kingdom.”

  2. Very interesting quote… I’m not sure that I understand it though. Is he trying to make a point about the sometimes problematic “institutionalization” of the Church here on earth (not that I’m opposed to organized, structured local churches, anymore than Scripture itself is!), as opposed to the glorious reality of the Kingdom that Jesus inaugurated? Can someone help me to understand his quote?

  3. Hey Chris,

    Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand this quote its kind of ambiguous. I think what he is trying to get at is how Jesus talked a lot about the Kingdom in the gospels, but Paul hardly mentions it. Instead, it seems as if Paul is talks mostly about the Church and hardly mentions the kingdom. So in considering this quote, what is the connection between the Church and the Kingdom?

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