quick update on studies…FYI


 Hey guys,

This post is, well, only for those of you who know me…aka…those who might care.

As many of you know, for the past 6 months or so I’ve been looking into possible Ph.D programs in Philosophy and Apologetics. I talked with my old proffs (mostly Frame and Horton, Peterson too), many of you, and a few other internet scoundrels (Steve Hays, James Anderson, etc). I’ve also spent a lot of time in prayer with my wife, family, and father-in-law concerning my future, academic or otherwise. So, after looking into UNM, some top 50 programs of relative interest, and a handful of well-respected distance programs, I’ve decided to apply to Whitefield Theological Seminary. Eat your heart out Alvin Plantinga 😉

There are, for certain, those who will say this is a bit of a doctoral cop out. I’m cool with that. Like many of you, I want to learn about as much as I want to keep my job, not up-root my family, and not go into debt. So, after weighing the options, programs, and price tags, I decided that WTS (the real one J) would be a great fit for me.  The program was recommended by John Frame as one that takes reformed philosphy and Van Tillian (Clarkian) apologetics very seriously while also focusing on preparation for ministry. If there was any doubt that this was a mail order degree one need only look at the amount of required reading and publishing (scared). However, I have no real desire to be a future professor, so structure at my own pace is a perfect fit…plus the proximity of green chile.

Anyway, just wanted to fill you guys in and ask for your prayers. If you’d like to look at my specific program here is the link. Love you all, and praying for each of you as God continues to grow you in love. Peace, G.



2 responses to “quick update on studies…FYI

  1. Thats great Greg. So much wisdom in your decision not to transplant somewhere. It fits your personality too. You are self driven and you do not need as much oversight as others (a.k.a. me). We will have to talk more about this later over some green chile stew. Oh, your are going to have to tell me what I am going to have to teach on out of the Heidelburg confession. You must remember that I go to RTS-O. We are pseudo-baptist in that we don’t use confessions that much.

  2. That is Awesome!! As someone that has absolutely no interest in attaining a PH D, I am glad for men like you that will teach me all you learn 🙂

    You are the smartest Youth Pastor ever!!!

    Love You Bro!!!!

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