taking Justin’s lead…Bahnsen on PHILOSOPHY



didn’t we always say this blog was a place for us to 1) post without pressure, 2) put up the stuff we’re learning right now and not have to be frantically creative every stinking day, and 3) keep in touch with each other. One the third note, I expect you all to get your butts out here and teach at one of our camps/retreats/trips at least once. For real guys, I miss you all, and that goes for the ones who live here too. (we’re married now ;))

So, in light of our initial goals, I’m going to be posting for a while on some highlights from a class I’m currently in with Dr. G Bahnsen. Its 78 lectures (PSHYCHO!) on the history of Philosophy from an unashamed Christian perspective, starting point, presupposition (ohhhh, i said it).

Here are some highlights from lecture 1. I really appreciated this bird’s eye view of the recurrent problems of philsophy. Keep in mind, men have been attempting an answer to these in the secular sphere since Thales (2500 years ago). Still, unless God is our ultimate presupposition, we are left inconsistent and uncertain:

C) Unregenerate answers lead to DIALECTICAL Tensions
This is the trend in all Non Christian philosophies. There is a struggle going on for the NonC as he encounters phenomena that cannot justifiably coexist in an autonomous sphere of reality:
1, Rationalism and Irrationalism, reason brings truth vs. there is no truth
2, One & Many, or unity and diversity in a theoretical sense
3, Permanence and Change; is reality permanent or always changing?
4, Monism and Atomism, (all is ultimately one) vs. (all is ultimately different)
5, Universals and Particulars, what is the relationship here in a concrete sense
6, Laws/Standards and Freedom/Individuality, is there law or freedom?

As Paul rhetorically calls out “Where is the wise man of this age.” If there is any other explanation apart from God, the let the wise man stand up and answer these things.


2 responses to “taking Justin’s lead…Bahnsen on PHILOSOPHY

  1. Why does Greg B. look like he wants to eat my children? He scares me.

  2. cause he’s so smart…that he might eat children if it were not prohibited explicitly in scripture…for real though…he’s the guys that ‘makes atheists cry.’ whatever…once you hear him lecture the picture looks a bit nicer.

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