philosophical cycles of impending doom


Today’s thought comes straight of the pages of John Frame’s essay on the Theology of CVT in ‘Foundations of Christian Thought’ and has utmost relevance for us as young men seeking God in this crazy world.

In his essay on the theology (proper) of Cornelius Van Til, Dr. Frame exposes the deep tension that exists in the midst of reformed philosophical thought. How can one reconcile the seeming dichotomies of freedom/sovereignty, one/many, universal/particular, experience/reason, etc? These are questions that all theologians and philosophers must grapple with. Frame’s response, however, is deeply insightful. He shows how Van Til boldly elucidates such tensions by making them interdependent, that is, co-necessary and resulting from the very character of God.

His thesis is essentially that paradox is not merely an ugly-wart, but from a finite perspective, essential to the Character of God; the only place where paradox finds solution.

This brings me to my QUESTION for all of us: What are some paradoxes, both theoretical and existential, that we find necessary? What tensions have proven difficult for us and why? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


One response to “philosophical cycles of impending doom

  1. Justin Richter

    I find the paradox of the cross amazing. It is the most beautiful and ugly sight. Only an infinite God could craft such an humble and exalted event.

    Thanks for setting up the meeting with the guy from City on a Hill. What are we meeting about? I have always liked what they have done down there by UNM. I would love to get to know that guy.

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