Of Puppies and Babies

Here is my take for the day:
There is a news story making the rounds about a youtube video showing a military officer horribly mistreating a puppy and then throwing it off a cliff. You can read about it here if you want. The thought of it kind of makes you sick doesn’t it? Yeah, me too. Our nation is a nation of pet lovers. We have a TV channel (Animal Planet) that is dedicated to them. I love animals to. We have a dog and I’m sure I’ll be very sad when she dies. Her name is Molly and she is a spaz, but very sweet.

Here is the kicker:Should we not be all the more outraged that this kind of abuse and murder happens to human babies thousands of times a day? Should not this puppy story awaken us to these atrocities and show us how backwards are values are? The problem is that we don’t see abortions on youtube. Most doctors don’t even want the mother to see the ultrasound. Reason? The eyes don’t lie. If abortion is not wrong, why not put it up on youtube? Maybe we should. Why not?

But let me break it down for you like this… Ask yourself an honest question: Would you vote for a president that was in favor of legalized animal abuse? A president who said, “Who cares, they are just animals. Have your way with them!” Consider the outrage at Michael Vick for killing those pit bulls and the fury that is coming from this story. That candidate would never make it past the first primary.

But this is worse yet. We have a presidential candidate that is most likely going to get elected that votes for infanticide. Not puppy abuse, infanticide. (At least he is the only one who is honest about the logical outworking of abortion… infanticide) Most of us would never vote for a candidate that is in favor off puppy abuse, but for some odd, backwards reason we are goo goo nuts over Obama who would allow a mother to kill her baby even after the abortion failed and the baby was still alive outside of the mother. If you are voting for Obama, please explain this to me.

Think about this long and hard and don’t tell me that presidents can’t make any difference about abortion either way. Presidents = supreme court judges. How did we get abortion legalized in the first place? Supreme court judges, in 1973 with a little case called, Roe vs. Wade.

Our selfishness and backwards values are on full display with this story my friends. Think long and hard about what this says about the values of our country which is reflected in those we elect.


10 responses to “Of Puppies and Babies

  1. Justin Richter

    I totally agree with you on this. Obama’s view on abortion is heinous. The infanticide is disgusting. Its horrible display of our hatred for God and His image. Its not good. In fact it is evil.

    But I want to throw out this word of caution. McCain is atrocious in other ways. He is a war monger. Check it out. He has no problem going to war with Iran. He has no problem with what is going on in Iraq. In my opinion he is pro-oppression and his views towards the middle east will only result in the persecution of Christians over there. It will only end with the killing of the Image of God, not our babies, but the Muslims. I think he is Anti-Abortion but he certainly isn’t Pro-Life.

    Zach, this election is hard for me because I don’t think I can vote with a clean conscience for either of these canidates. In truth McCain is just as atrocious.

  2. amen bro…so raw, so true, and so needed in our day and age, that is, the outworking of our own hodge-podge logic. 1 kingdom, 2, 10, I will not vote for anyone who willingly kills unborn children. AND, we better step up and starting talking about this stuff (hence, why VT and SCH are still relevant, taking the roof off abortion rhetoric) if we desire transformation. Thanks for posting this Z.

  3. Amen Bro! I posted this topic a few months back about our concern for animals over our concern for the unborn.

    I think it goes deeper than that though, I mean we are so passionate about animal rights, but yet so so many people are in poverty right now. We are so concerned about humane treatment of animals yet we do not really bat an eye with millions being killed and the genocide going on in many African countries.

    The Image of God is what links all of us, it is what gives us value above anything else, and because it points to God, I think we as fallen, selfish creatures go to extremes to deny it and de-value it.

    An atheistic world view cannot value human life or any other life, plain and simple..

  4. And now that I see J’s comment, let me add…voting is NEAR impossible for a Christian with a convicted conscience in this ‘fallen’ nation (as los put it). My dad and I fight over this all day long, but as a voter and responsible Christian citizen, I’ve had to withhold my right (it is mine) several times due to an unwillingness to support even the lesser of two evils.

  5. Obama or McCain…
    Like Greg, me and my father have debated this, he is a Obama supporter and says that McCain is willing to stay in Iraq for 100 years and allow our troops to die so that is just as bad…

    Not really, here is why I argue this point, troops have a choice, babies do not. A solider has an idea that he will be sent to war and possibly die, he looks at the risk and then enrolls or does not. A baby is defenseless and his fate is determined by the choice of someone else and has no way to defend or choose another option. And let us look at the facts, over a million babies died last year from unchosen genocide called Abortion, a couple hundred soldiers died from a position they chose to be in, and I am thankful they did chose to protect and serve our country!!

    As for the Muslims, I agree that it is sad to see them be killed, but again they are not defenseless. And I believe in a lot of ways we are in Iraq to help improve life, help protect life and prevent genocide between Muslims.

    I agree with Justin that oppression is evil, and really I am not stoked on McCain, but we are called as Christians to protect the defenseless and this seems like a call above all else to fiercely fight abortion.

  6. Justin Richter


    My point is this, what is going on in Iraq and what McCain wants to do in Iran is equally as wrong abortion. Muslim’s being killed is not sad. It is wrong and evil. So many innocent and defenseless Iraqis have died in the name of democracy. Because of what We are doing over there in the name of protecting the innocent has lead to the murder of Christian brothers and sisters. McCain not only wants to continue the war in Iraq, he has shown multiple times that he wants to further it into Iran. Thats my point we can’t say McCain is the lesser of two evils. His view on war is one of the two evils.
    If McCain wins I hope he makes abortions illegal. ( I seriously doubt he will). But I know if he wins he is going to further the war over there, increasing their hatred for the Church. Obama isn’t better. Abortions are wrong. But McCain is potentially no better then him.

    P.S. Maybe we should ask people who are missionaries in Muslim countries what they think about the election.

  7. Justin,
    Maybe this is an issue that we will not see eye to eye on. The murder of defenseless babies, by the millions each year seems to ME to be much more of an atrocity than what is going on in the Middle East. I would say that it seems that under Saddam Hussein there were genocides going on and Christian being killed too. It seems that much more innocent and defenseless Iraqis died under his regime. I am not for the war, but will say that many people, that have gone to Iraq, say that conditions have gotten better with Saddam out of office. Plus if we were to pull out now, it seems that one Muslim group would basically exterminate another, that does not seem to be a good option. Murder is horrible, not sad, I agree with you on that one!

    It is not about McCain outlawing abortion, but it is about who will be able to elect Supreme Court judges that will overturn Roe v. Wade, that is more the issue.

    The fact is, is that Christians have an option to go into Iraq to preach the good news, they are aware of the risks and see the beauty of the gospel and it’s spread as something that outweighs the possible harm to themselves.

    I agree we cannot really say what the lesser of two evils are, both are wrong. But to hold up abortion and the ongoing war in Iraq and choose one or the other, I cannot compare. Again abortion simply extinguishes a defenseless life that has NO say, NO choice. Where our war has helped stop a tyrant that has been the cause of past genocides in that country, is now currently preventing genocide and working to free the people.

    My point was not which is worse, murder or murder..My point was where we CAN ask missionaries in Musilm countries what they think about the election, we CANNOT ask the millions of lives taken by abortion.

    If given the choice, again I am not a McCain supporter, but if given the choice, I cannot vote for someone that will continue to vote to kill, voice-less, completely helpless, and innocent lives.

    That was my point, I hope you see this, and understand that I say this as someone that prays and mourns the death of God’s Image Bearers all over the world, and someone that does not have all the answers to these questions.

    Come Lord Jesus!! Come Quickly!!!

  8. whew, good stuff. I wonder, and I only ask this out of ignorance, but as Christians, what is our responsibility as it pertains to voting if we can’t vote for either man with a clear conscience? Do we vote anyway, do we try to effect change in other ways? Do we withhold our right to vote in silent protest in light of IS right as Christians? What do you guys think about this one…I am honestly a bit confused. What if I don’t want to vote for either man? What is my ethical responsibility here? Is withholding a vote for McCain actually a vote for Obama? Hmmm

  9. also, thanks to both Los and Richter for keeping this civil…politics is hard folks, so lets keep the dialog going with love and humility, we all have MUCH to learn through this discussion.

  10. ps, just watched the video of the guy tossing the puppy…very raw. It really struck a nerve in me, which both convicts and reminds me of man’s inhumanity…to others, to himself, and often for the sake of mere entertainment. I am glad there is a righteous holy God who governs this universe.

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