What Would You Say To Tony?

Interesting conversation between Tony Jones (leader in the Emergent movement) and John Crisham who goes to Masters Seminary (John MacArthur’s Seminary). I’m not totally sure what this accomplishes, but Tony’s questions are good to think through. How would you respond to him?

(HT: ThinkChristian)


3 responses to “What Would You Say To Tony?

  1. We all know there’s no easy answer here…reason being, every theological particular (our stand on head-coverings for instance) partakes of a whole system, a universal cohesion that leads one contingency to the conclusion of another. I honestly feel like this conversation would need to back the question up to be fruitful, that is, the bigger systematic issues must be dealt with first (hermeneutical principals, inspiration, exegetical method, ect) before we can have a healthy discussion about nuances. WHY? Well, because these type of discussions need to be dealt with on exegetical grounds. But how does one do exegesis? Exactly. And that’s why I would be very careful not to step into the lions den with TJones without first defining terms.

    Allow me to also say that it is certainly easier to be in TJs seat, the seat of critique, than it is ito provide positive/constructive answers for what one believes. Why does TJ not carry the burden of proof. Well, he’s pomo, he’s the interviewer, he doesn’t have to, and he’s already arrived at his conclusions from the standpoint of his worldview. This may sound harsh, but if the one providing critique is to feel the weight of their own conclusions, then the starting point must be reversed. Why do we assume, for instance, that TJ and MAC-Boy are on the same page at all? They most certainly are not. If they are on to achieve any balance here, they must FIRST agree on how these debates will be settled and this requires going backwards a few steps to find out what both men believe about God, the Bible, knowledge, how you get it, and how you correct yourself if you’re found lacking in your views.

  2. one more thing…i really really really don’t want to sound pretentious here, so please don’t mis-read me, I have a LOT to learn. Simoltaneously, I have a burden for these issues…how do we defend our faith, orthodox as we understand it, against a barrage of question and critique. One good, humble, Q&A type way is to get yourself off the stand by getting back to more basic principals, testing those, then moving upward from there within a system already agreed upon. maybe…what do you guys think.

  3. what would you say Z? I want my daily dose…

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