i like to sin, but could care less about pears


As I’ve annoyed you with before…Bahnsen’s lectures on the History of PHIL stinking superb…wow, dude is the PHIL equivalent of Rich Pratt…just baller type pedagogy. He really knows how to boil down the lofty in an understandable way, while not loosing the deep-ness of the content, and then, putting a glorious Christian perspective on it

In a recent lecture B mentioned that one of Augustine’s great discoveries about the nature of sin was joyfully willful nature of the beast. Many a secular scholar has chided Aug for being so upset that he stole, not a car, not a TV, not your mom…wait for it, Pears. However, as B points out, the issue isn’t that he stole pears, but that he didn’t even like pears, e.g. he stole for the mere joy, rush, fun of stealing. Sin need not need an object that we rationally enjoy, sin IS enjoyment.

Ahhhh…this makes me feel so exposed. I struggle with this. I relate to Aug. I have the best life you could ask for, great wife, paid off car, stoked Job, a crew of lovers around me, church family superb and a Dunkin Donuts near by (coffee!!!). Yet I love, nay, lust after, sin. Just sin, just the joy of feeling like a little god for an even littler moment. Sick. How can I control thoughts I didn’t ask for, dreams that sneak up on me, bitterness that takes root deep down.

Thank God for grace. Thank God for crushing us so that we need it. HB Q.#5 Can you live up to all the Law of God requires. A. No, I have a NATURAL tendency to hate God and my neighbor.


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