a la bahnsen


Greg’s been listening to b’s lectures on the renaissance/enlightenment, golden. I’ve listened to (or read) several ‘history o’ philosophy’ classes/books, and I have to say, Bahnsen does one heck of a job.

Also, I recently listened to bahnsen debate himself, that is, defend his position at a debate that never was, a debate he was supposed to have with atheist philosopher Michael Martin. B gives a lecture including his opening statements and then cross-examines Martin’s tome ‘Atheism: a philosophical justificiation.’ Amazing.

I know I sound like I’m overly stoked on Bahnsen…in part I am, not in the theonomy sense, but certainly in the debate/boldness/presupp sense. I pray fervently that God raises up another man who can debate reformed philosophy like Bahnsen. He really had a gift.

Go GET this lecture at cmfnow.org, you will no be disappointed.


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