Ben Stein Interviewed By R.C. Sproul Concerning “Expelled”

Watch the interview here.

This is a very interesting conversation and take careful note of many of the points that these gentlemen purport for us. These ideas and questions need to continue to be pressed forward in the public sphere. As you do this keep in mind that all of this does not get us to the gospel. Simply admitting that there is a designer does not get us to Jesus, nor does it even get us to Christianity on the whole.

Romans 1 already shows us that we all know the truth, (like the Pharisees did after Jesus rose from the grave) but the problem is that we hate it. We know just enough to see the implications and suppress it.

Remember that even if you can back someone into a logical corner and show them that the reality of God is true, it doesn’t mean they will repent and seek Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. It might be a good first step, but as we interact may we need to keep further steps in mind.


4 responses to “Ben Stein Interviewed By R.C. Sproul Concerning “Expelled”

  1. amen to that…and did you see b-lo’s post on this…he put up some cool stuff 3 posts down.

  2. True Zach. A convert to “there must have been a creator” is not a convert to Christ.

    The ID discussion is not about religion. It is actually not about science either, but rather about philosophy of science. Also, it is not in direct competition with evolution, but with scientific naturalism. I do see the emergence of ID as a good thing though.

    I have more about Intelligent Design over on my website here if anyone is interested.

    Be Strong and Courageous–

  3. OOPS–I forgot to change the link that I cut and pasted in. That one takes you to Anthony Flew’s book. Here is the one to my site.

    Sorry about that.

  4. Good point Z, me and the Schnee saw an early screening of this, it is a very thought provoking movie. You are right that even if we back some one into a corner show them explicit proof of the existence of God that does not mean they will love Jesus. Jesus did miracles infront of masses of people and yet not all or even most were converted. Truly Salvation is of the Lord!!

    This movie though will provoke discussion, it will put some things on the table where they may not have been, and we must use this to share the Gospel!! I am stoked for the fact that discussion will come from this movie and lets be ready to have these conversations with love, truth and humility!!

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