You Might Cry

One of my good friends, Jonathan Iverson, had this on his blog. This show is aired weekly by satellite in North Africa and the Middle East. I have heard that God is using this show in huge ways to reach Muslims with the gospel. This video truly demonstrates the power of the Gospel.

[HT: JI]


One response to “You Might Cry

  1. Wow. wow. When Caite and I were in southern spain this last january visiting friends we had the opportunity to watch a few of these SAT-7 broadcasts. A few of the folks we were with are doing ministry to North Africans in Spain. It is incredible to see how God is moving among muslim peoples. It must be remembered, and fought for, that although we share a common biblical ancestry with our muslim neighbors, the gospel for Christ is NOT the same news as that of Mohammad. Thanks for posting this Justin, may God give us all a deeper passion to preach and proclaim his glory among the nations.

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