deacon (ess)

No opinions on this one except what I learned (i think) at westmin and RTS.

Can a woman be a deacon? Why, why not? Honest guys, I know this can be a polemic issue, so lets keep it totally respectful and as ‘exegetical’ as possible. I had a young lady ask me about the reference to Phoebe in romans 16:1 who wondered if Diakanos was general or in regards to ‘office.’ We went to 1st Tim 3, but I still have questions, especially concerning the OT…Deborah anyone? So help me please. RON, shed light on the OT brother. Everyone else, unless you have the Geise Ph.D, keep it respectful and footnoted.


3 responses to “deacon (ess)

  1. I do believe women were deacons and can be deacons today. Here is my reasoning: why would we have qualifications placed on the wives of deacons (I Timothy 3:11) and not on the wives of elders in I Timothy 3:1-7, especially if the office of elder requires a higher standard than that of deacon? My answer: because women could be deacons but not elders. The word translated “wives” could also be translated “women” in 3:11 and doesn’t have the word “their” in the original language. This would be harmonious with Phoebe’s role ( a deacon) as stated in Romans 16:1.

  2. I agree. I think the pop-church has a tendency to treat deacons as “junior elders.” When that is done, then it carries the issue of authority of women over men. I don’t believe Scripture defines deacons in an overseer role, but as honored and gifted servants.

  3. Wise remarks D and T. I am going to have to say I agree on this one. The primary role of a deacon is found in service which ought not be limited by gender as demonstrated in the text with Phoebe. Alexander Strauch has a great read on this in his book entitled Minister of Mercy – The NT Deacon. It is well worth the read.

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