Chris vs. Peter: The Hitchens Bros battle

You may disagree with the conclusions of both sides, but this debate is FUN to watch. Lively, spirited, and filled with hilarious English humor and mannerism. You’ll want to stick your nose in the air and sip some tea.


One response to “Chris vs. Peter: The Hitchens Bros battle

  1. I’ll have to respond to this first, since I just finished listening. Wow. Lord knows it would be a timely endeavor to attempt specifics, but, a la Van Til/Frame/Bahnsen, let me make one comment about the debate concerning God: Most of C Hitchen’s arguments are, at best, psychological. This is not to say they are not powerful, especially in front of an uproarious crowd. However, his main issue, concerning morality, science, and reason (or right logical inference) already begs the question, that is, he talks only of ability, not accountability. Another way to say it would be as follows: atheists can think and do right just as well as religious folks. There fore the God concept is unnecessary. But notice what he does, he assumes on morality, reason, and science that these things are stable, objective, and universally true. He offers NO account of how this can be so in a materialistic atheistic universe. The point is far from trivial but the destruction of Hitchen’s whole arguement (as well as his book). We can count up many evils and goods on both sides of the religious divide. Sure. But the question remains, what is good, reasonable and scientific in teh first place. How are these fundamental principals upon which BOTH atheists and Christians proceed accounted for in any given world view. So, although C Hitchens is quite the rebel rouser and a phenomenal orator, he walks away with the offensive benefit of the critique, poking holes in belief, but not accounting for the very faith necessary in his atheism.

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