cowboy life saver (boot scoot and emt)

Drew, the boots, the cow-boy of our ministry, the one who serenades our guys small group with his crazy rendition of ‘riding with private malone,’ and sometimes smells like cheap cigaretts, is a hero.

Last night, one of our transient brothers, a pseudo-homeless Carlos, fainted in the kitchen. Who knew? Los is a diabetic and was running VERY low on blood sugar. He would have most likely died within the hour had it not been for Drew. And why, you may ask, was Drew at church early…well, his parents are not Christians and don’t think much of church, however, they offer the occasional ride at their convenience. It just so happens that Drew’s early drop off was a life saver.

All that to say, keep at least one cowboy around your ministry and thank God for his perfect providence, early drop offs, and that the church is a group of messy people, all so different, with only the love and power of Christ in common.


One response to “cowboy life saver (boot scoot and emt)

  1. christopherlake

    Praise God, indeed, for His mercy in providential cowboys! Seriously, it’s beyond wonderful to hear of how He worked in this situation. We’re not deserving, but He is good!

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