principial categories

Just finished reading Clark’s history of Phil. ‘Thales to Dewey.’ I’ll give it a thumbs up for anyone interested in the subject. One of the most difficult questions in the study of the history of thought is how we might approach so many different people over such a long time with such varying ideas. In light of that issue, may I also recommend John Frame’s class ‘The history of Phil and Christian thought.’ He uses the rational – irrational dialectic as a teaching tool to discuss the development of though in broad strokes

This pedagogical method is very helpful: 1, because it narrows down the scope of the questions, 2. it provides categories for thinking through their temporal development, and 3, it relates the history of thought to God’s word by demonstrating the creator creature distinction and the impossibility of rational certainity on autonomous grounds. Good stuff or us all

As I was skating Walt’s new 3” mini ramp last night I was reminded of the fact that the why, how, and what we think is evident in everything we do. May God get glory in our minds, may we lovingly submit to the authority of his word, and may we be confident that the Christian worldview provides beautiful answers to the toughest questions man can ask.


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