prayers from broken men…

Today in my office a grown man cried, begged God for the forgiveness of his sins, and lamented that his life had not served to greater degree the Kingdom of God. Wow. What a humbling thing it is to see a brother so broken by the circumstances of life and yet still holding onto the hope of the cross. I am reminded of Paul’s words in Romans 8, that our present suffering is not even worth comparing the glory of God that awaits us as sons (my paraphrase). May we, men, women, family, be increasingly motivated to serve God, our king, in all we do. May the easy words of Christ’s call become hard in the midst of life so that we might cling to the cross not our of convenience but necessity. I love you and am praying for you all.


One response to “prayers from broken men…

  1. christopherlake

    Greg, this man’s cry is my cry too. I could be doing much more for the Kingdom, and I am broken that I’m seemingly not yet at that place of “more”… oh, how we sometimes allow things to hold us back, things that are so much smaller than God, who holds our lives in His perfect hands! Thank you for your reminders of the cross, and for your prayers, brother.

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