Apologetics, Subjectivity, And the Glorious Christ

Many people in the world today do not see a connection between logical proofs or historical realities and the belief in God. To many, faith in God is a personal subjective experience that is not provable. Each person believes in what best suits them. Regardless of whether or not this assumption is true, should Christians be afraid engaging people who think like this? Can the Church possibly interact with this world view? Some Christians would say, “No, we need to push them towards rationality so that we can logically show them that God is true. If we don’t then how can we possibly prove anything to them?” But I disagree, I know God is awesome enough to dominate this world view. So what if people believe faith is subjective? What other faith is subjectively better then faith in Jesus Christ? If someone obsessively thinks that a light bulb is the greatest light in existence, you don’t give them highly constructed arguments why they are wrong. Rather, you open the door and lead them outside and let them bask in the blinding radiance of the Sun itself. When Truth is glorious it is self-authenticating.

I think there is historical precedence to this idea. St. Anselm’s ontological argument flows in the same vein. His primary assertion in the Proslogium is that “God is that than which a greater cannot be conceived.” I believe this to be true. Not only is God better then non-existence but He is certainly better then any other religion that is man made. Furthermore, it seems as if Pascal concurs with this in his line, “The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.” There is something about the Gospel that reason can reach but it cannot grasp, but the Gospel takes hold of us and makes world grow strangely dim.

More importantly, Scripture itself argues in this manner. Genesis 1 is a great example of this. It is well attested that there are other creation accounts that are similar the one found in the Bible. In the surrounding Ancient Near East cultures their gods actually did battle with elemental deities until they were brought into submission and order. But in Genesis we see our God who merely speaks and creation happens. There are no other deities that He battles but all things obey His powerful word. Nothing else is even on par with Him. He is simply the greatest. Likewise, our cultures creation account tells us that humanity is result of impersonal forces and at best our sole identities should found in being sexual creatures. We have seen this world view pillage the dignity of millions of people. But our God has created us in His image. We have intrinsic dignity and the far greater purpose of being His kings and queens. Which is better? Of course there is nothing better then what our faith offers.

Now, I am not saying that we should discard logic or empirical evidence. In fact, a subjective apologetic is properly rational and as my friend Scott Schultz has noted there is something subjectively beautiful in a concise rational argument. But I do want to conclude with this, all too often as Christians we feel the need to defend creationism, the Gospel, etc. But if our message is really that beautiful and God is truly greater then anything that can be conceived then isn’t its own defense? Truly, when people are obsessed with there with dimly lit beliefs, maybe all we need to do is bring them to radiant glory of Jesus Christ and let them fall down at His feet.


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