Are we sinners or saints and what is the difference between the two?


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  1. christopherlake

    All Christians are referred to in the Bible as “saints.” As far as I know, our primary identity is as saints who have been *made* thus– who have been saved and reconciled to God– by Christ’s sacrifice for us. Saints are still sinful, obviously, but by the grace of God, we are fighting sin, resting in Christ’s righteousness on our behalf, and looking to the day when we will be glorified and and made free of sin. We are saints who still struggle with sin. Does this make us “sinners”? In a sense, yes– in that we do still sin. However, the Bible speaks of Christians primarily as saints– at least to my understanding. I definitely want to know if my understanding is off though!

  2. Yes. Or in Derek Webb’s words: I’m not a half a man. God’s creative word of justification has been pronounced over me and I am already, at present *reckoned* righteous, yet I am not yet *intrinsically* so. That day is yet to come, at God’s good pleasure.

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