Homosexuality, Nature or Nuture?

Here is an interesting article from atheistic science blog that I subscribe to. I guess the gay gene still has not been found.

World’s Largest Twin Study


2 responses to “Homosexuality, Nature or Nuture?

  1. Even if they do find a nature cause it really doesn’t matter since as Christians we know that we are jacked up from the DNA on up. Romans 8.


  2. Justin Richter

    I whole heartedly agree with you Z. I don’t see a spiritual/physical dichotomy when it comes to our sin nature.

    But in the same breath I have to say that there is a sort of genetic fatalism is our society when it comes to sexuality. “I’m Gay because I was born this way.” This study shows a more wholistic side to the issue. Part of the problem is our inner man that produces some nasty fruit. But we are also part of sinful ecosystem that churns out sin as well. That is why God gives us new hearts AND a new world. Both the micro and the macro.

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