My thoughts on the New Pauline Perspective

If anybody is interested in the New Perspective, here is a paper I just wrote on it. I put a lot of work into it and I based most of it on primary sources. I would love to hear some of your thoughts about the NPP and on whether or not you agree or disagree with my conclusions.

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6 responses to “My thoughts on the New Pauline Perspective

  1. Hey Justin,
    I have not been able to work my way through your whole paper yet, but from my initial scan the paper looked very intriguing. I just wanted to say thanks for posting the paper and putting your thoughts on a very complex set of tendencies, to use your language, up for us to read. I especially appreciate the extensive work you did in the primary sources, which at least for me can be a taunting task to enter into because of the fear of unfamiliarity or misunderstanding. My hope is that by this weekend I will be able to post some actual feedback. Though I would like to preface, for the sake of your paper probably being better than I will understand it, that I have a profound ignorance of New Perspective because of my own lack of attention to it, which I should rectify. Nevertheless, thanks again for posting the paper.

  2. Justin Richter

    Thanks Ben. I am interested see what you think of how the NPP interacts with Church history. It is my contention that they reject much of the Western Church tradition, that it was not necessary for them to do it. I think if they payed a little closer attention to Augustine and some of the Patristics they would have found a little more sympathy for their views. Although they would have still found disagreements.

  3. Hey Justin,
    I have just read your entire paper. I though you did an outstanding job in summarizing major contributors to the debate.
    Great job brother.

  4. Bro, it was so great to talk this over with you at a very loud crazy bar…i think there was a lot of spit flying between you, me and edgar. What a blast. Nice paper too…you’re not a slacker, which impresses me since I can smell my own…and you’re not one of us.

  5. Thanks for posting the paper. I hadn’t realized that Bishop Stendahl had said anything about it.

    I thought you did an excellent summation of a complex topic in a concise way. I’ve always thought that E.P. Sander’s book makes a very persuasive argument that Palestinian Judaism was not focused on being legalistic. Until someone who disagrees with what he says they need to produce a book of equal scholarship showing that they were legalistic. I haven’t seen one yet. If someone knows of one I would like to know about it. Anyway after reading that book then rereading the NT I’m convinced that Paul died a believing Jew.

    • Marvmax,

      Thanks for commenting. Out of all the NP authors I think I enjoyed Stendahl the most; he was one of the better writers, especially compared to E.P. Sanders. I think he has some problematic views, such as his understanding of the introspection of the West. I do agree with Stendahl and Sanders in that the Paul was denouncing ‘Judaism’ per say, and that he saw himself as Jew seeking a greater glory. Yet, I do think Paul does address legalistic tendencies in Romans. This is definitely evident in Romans 2 and I am about to write a post on it. The key is that they had the law but they didn’t have the Spirit to fulfill the law or faith in Christ’s atoning work. In essence, they are legalistic/self-righteous but in a different sense then we think of today.

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