Bahnsen on ETHICS…or…Penal Time-out for unruly urch!!!

I just finished listening to 4 great lectures by Greg Bahnsen on ethics. The lectures were placed in my hand by none other than Mr. Uri Brito in the winter (if you can call it that in Florida) of 07. I’m hoping he has a link to said lectures and will post it in the comment section. Each talk is about an hour long and GB does a fine job of talking over the whole range of ethical issues in that time. This is but a summary. However, it is four hours well spent, especially if you’re constantly engaged in converstaions with neighbors about morality, etc.

I found GB’s comments on penal sanctions to be of high interest. I got a kick out of his reference to death penalty as it relates to incorrigible children. Between abortion and ill-behaved little timmy’s running around the super market I’m pretty sure American would be kid-free. Honestly, its a sad world by God’s standard of ethical perfection and we’d do well to think through the issues more deeply.

URI, do you have a link to these lectures brother?


6 responses to “Bahnsen on ETHICS…or…Penal Time-out for unruly urch!!!

  1. Glad you finally heard those lectures. Classic stuff! I bought those lectures some time ago and my friend Randy Booth wouldn’t be happy if I made them available on-line. However, I’d be glad to let anyone borrow them.
    He is incredibly persuasive. I think Doug Wilson and John Frame may have been in the room when Bahnsen delivered those lectures.

  2. Speaking of R. Booth, does this mean you can find the lectures at CMF for a reasonable fee?

  3. Greg, I don’t remember mentioning theonomy as one of our core values. But you are the one with parent-student experience. So if stoning is the best way to reach the next generation of kids I’ll take your word on it.

  4. Oh NO! Justin is misrepresenting theonomy again! If I didn’t know the guy I’d stone him myself.

  5. You’d be amazed at the coercive power of a stone in the eyes of a fear-struck child. There’s nothing quite like it really…(enter evil laugh soundtrack)

  6. Uri, I didn’t realize theonomy misrepresented the OT. My bad.

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